Since 1988, tradition, passion and enthusiasm are the principles that mark the Vetrilamp philosophy and style.

We are proud of our traditions, we only use Murano glass: prerogative and pride of the made in Italy in the world.

The company has always been focused on the style changes, adapting its production to the market needs and to the requests of the customers preserving the classic style of our products.


We are particularly interested in the quality of the glass, in the electric components and in the metal parts of our chandeliers.

Vetrilamp works with passion, we want to adapt our creations to every kind of location: it could be classic, modern or minimalist as our high-quality items are timeless.


Our creations are entirely hand-made by Murano master glass-workers. They work respecting the tradition, so every item is unique.

Customization is important for us: we can modify and adapt the products in order to adapt them in different locations and styles.